Client Testimonials

“The Realignment process and information enabled me to have incredible insight into where problem areas where internal to the organization and outside with our partners and our clients.  The detailed drill downs gave us a very focused look at problem areas and enabled us to track the impact of actions we took over time.”

“ As a result of the unique information provided, we were able to identify people who were part of problem and attempt to coach and when that failed we had precise detail of performance over time to allow us to take action necessary to get results.”

“ The greatest value of the Realignment process and information was the specific feedback on process and mission so we could act quicker at the right pulse point to have immediate impact.” 

“The unique tools allowed us to measure the merger of two major commands geographically separated by a continent.  The focused results allowed us to have speed to market in addressing challenges and also to measure effectiveness of our actions.  We were able to measure impact on customers as well as staff."

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