system System Overview

Phase 1: Aligning Leaders - A workshop conducted by George Labovitz and Victor Rosansky

Key Deliverables:
  • A Main Thing to focus all activities.
  • Critical success factors for executing strategy.
  • A plan to rapidly deploy strategy.
  • "Metrics that move" to track progress.
Phase 2: Focusing: The Rapid Realignment Web based Platform
The Rapid Realignment Platform is the online home of all alignment activities. Built around a robust online community system, the Platform includes:
  • A video message from the CEO.
  • The alignment diagnostic.
  • An alignment chat room/ blog to share best practices.
  • Tracking and sharing of results.
  • Creating Alignment by Measuring Alignment.
Phase 3: Measuring
Everyone completes the alignment diagnostic. Immediate results are analyzed, gaps identified, Action plans formulated.

Phase 4: Mobilizing the Organization
  • Teams formed and trained.
  • Teams close alignment gaps.
  • Senior leadership reviews progress.
  • Results are posted on the alignment website along with updates from management and recommendations and suggestions from employees.

Phase 5: Sustaining the Gains
Repeat the Rapid Realignment cycle in 6-9 months to track improvements.
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